New Bridal Jewellery Necklace Set. 04

May peace be upon you.

My dear friends, today I tell you that I have seen many religious enmities in the world, but I have never seen what is happening in Pakistan and in other countries of the world. Even in the countries of the world, in which Denmark is on the top list, it is not a big deal to desecrate the Holy Quran. And the heads of their government also do not take any notice of this. If this situation remains, Muslims all over the world can take great action against these miscreants. No one knows what will happen after that, but I can predict that the negative thinking of the world will definitely decrease and such people will not harm the Muslim religion with their dirty actions. It is necessary for all of us Muslims to respect all the religions of the world, that is because our Prophet has taught us that you should not cast mud on the religion of others, but respect this religion. That's why Christians are people of the book and Jews are also people of the book. The Prophet of these two nations is also respected by Muslims. That's why these books were also sent by Allah for guidance. Even the faith of Muslims is not complete until they believe in these four books, the Psalms, the Torah, the Gospel, the Holy Qur'an, which have been sent down by Allah. And after that it is necessary to believe in all these scriptures that they were revealed by Allah to the Prophets. And it is necessary to believe in all the prophets that they were sent by Allah to guide the nations. This is part of the faith of Muslims. But the way religious extremism is spreading in the world, it will cause nothing but hatred in all nations. We all should be patient and respect each other's religion. This was today's talk. If you think that I have said the right thing, please try to think seriously about what I have said and if possible, act on it. May Allah reward you well. And now we come to our daily work and tell you what are today's currency rates in the markets of twenty-three countries of the world today. Today, in the currency market of Karachi, the rate of one US dollar is three hundred and thirteen rupees. And yesterday in the currency market of Karachi, the rate of one US dollar was three hundred and eleven rupees. So, my business friends, you have realized that today the currency market of Karachi has decreased by about two or three rupees at once. This is part of the history of Karachi, sometimes the currency rate increases like this and sometimes it decreases like this, but if the currency rates are higher or lower, then the currency buyers have to face a lot of trouble. However, it keeps happening, you should be careful in business. Now we tell you that this world is very beautiful and the people living in the world have divided their world into seven major continents, one of these continents is called Africa. One country in this continent is Ghana, whose bride we introduce you to. A Ghanaian bride made us a beautiful piece of jewelry to wear during her wedding. In this jewellery, this bride has made us three yellow gold necklaces in eighteen carats. A pair of yellow earrings have also been made in eighteen carats. And we have made a wedding ring in eighteen carat white gold. And if this jewelery is unique and you also want to make it then contact us now our name is FA MANAN JEWELERS we are waiting for your call.

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Bridal Jewellery Necklace Set. 04

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