New Bridal Jewellery Necklace Set.08
May peace be upon you
I am telling you that for the last ten days I was out of the city, that's why I could not talk to you. My plan was to go from Karachi to Lahore and then to Pindi from Lahore, but I changed the plan. I limited it only from Karachi to Pindi and then I left Karachi to Pindi by green lane train on the 18th of September and on the 19th I was in Pindi with my wife and then the next day we both died from Pindi. Made a plan to go and we sat in a taxi and reached Murree and stayed in Murree for two days And yes, one thing I forgot to tell you, when we reached Pindi, it was very hot there, that's why we planned to go to Murree, and as soon as we reached the hill of Murree, the heat was gone and it started to feel a little cold. to us And so we stayed in Murree for two days and I didn't tell you that as soon as we reached Murree it was four o'clock and at seven o'clock it started raining there so it became cold in Murree. And we rented a room in a hotel whose balcony had a view of Murree mountains and it was a very beautiful view and we spent two days enjoying winter in Murree and left for the journey back to Pindi. And when we reached Pindi, we were greeted by the same weather as before and we felt the heat again. And in the evening we made a plan to go to my elder sister's house who lives in Pindi and we reached her house in Kori Road in the evening.  Just as we were on the way, it started raining and we got wet sitting in the cab and got cold. That is also the reason why the taxi driver was not closing the windows of his car. Well, we were staying at my daughter-in-law's grandmother's house, we reached her house and made tea and drank it, after which the cold subsided and we slept peacefully. The next morning we made a plan to go to my daughter-in-law's uncle's house because he had called us several times and invited us to come to his house. We reached his house at eight o'clock in the night. And then we sat and ate with them and talked about it and at ten o'clock we came back from their house to my daughter-in-law's grandmother's house. And then the next day we had to go to my daughter-in-law's aunt's house, she also called us and invited us to have dinner with her. Well, we reached his house at three o'clock in the afternoon and talked to him a lot and then the table was set and we ate. Had not eaten well And then we reached the house of the daughter-in-law's second aunt, who lived nearby, at eight o'clock and met her husband as well. We had never met him before. We had a lot of conversations with him, he is a friendly and good mannered person, we had a lot of fun there and around nine o'clock we started eating and we were preparing to go home when it started raining and it continued for an hour. stayed And after the rain stopped, we called for a taxi and found that no taxi driver was willing to go to Naseerabad and the one who was going was asking a lot of money. Then we decided to go to the main road to get a taxi. And we left the house and walked towards the road. We were thinking that the road would be near, but it was very far. And then it started raining. Well, with great difficulty, a rickshaw puller agreed to go to Naseerabad and when we reached home, we planned to stay at home the next day so that we could rest and did not go anywhere because we had to go back to Karachi the next day. Our return tickets were already booked And we finished our journey and returned to Karachi. It is very hot in this city of ours, but our city would have been ours no matter what it was.

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Bridal Jewellery Necklace Set.08

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