Feroza The Famous Stone

Basically turquoise is of two types.

The average price of turquoise stone.

Turquoise is very popular among the rich, and the poor because of their blessings and properties.

Wearing turquoise ring, peace of heart, and get relief.

Turquoise, creates a sense of safety in the environment.

Turquoise, being mentally disturbed conditions, is very useful for people.

Turquoise, saves from fear, creates the habit of being pleased with Allah's pleasure.is very beneficial in the stomach disease.

Painted turquoise is very good for the eyes.

The overheads of turquoise food person is saved from many diseases.

Often use overheads of turquoise for the treatment of kidney and bladder Wise.

Treat snake and scorpion bites is also the overheads of turquoise.

Wearing a turquoise heart get relief and comfort.

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Feroza The Famous Stone

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